Sunday, June 5, 2016

This Perfect Moment

There's nothing wrong with crying, or laughing either.

Most of the time I laugh, but sometimes I cry,
and it takes me by surprise.

Usually it involves me noticing the passing of time,
how it's gone by and I haven't even noticed.
How things I've taken for granted have floated downstream, 
well out of reach,
and I seem to now only have a moment to realise this, 
before waving a fading goodbye,
before they are lost to the current of time.

Because you see, everything is lost to the current of time,
Whether you want it to be, or not.
Time is impartial and constant,
and permanent.

When I die I will return to the opposite of time,
to the spark of creation where everything and everywhere is experienced simultaneously,
Every feeling and emotion and connection.

I will be with the ones I love forever, but never like this -
Each moment uncoiled in such exquisite detail,
Each second as it is chiseled with precision 
into eternity's unclosing eye.

The sorrow of realising something too late is beyond words.

When the sorrow comes, it is to remind me of my stupidity.
How, over and over again, I have missed this moment. 
This perfect moment.
It will take more than many lifetimes to teach me -
I am stupid and egocentric, and deaf to guidance most of the time,
Even when my heart burns a hole in my chest
and the buds of angel wings appear, spun like raw silk,
Ready to awaken the sleeping worm within.

And so, this is what sorrow is for, 
it is to wake me up, over and over again.

So that I never miss another perfect moment.

Image by Josh Chavez sourced from Pixabay

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