Saturday, September 27, 2008

Diary: Birthday Blog

Birthdays are funny things. Another year older and a time for reflection. Am I on the right path? What do I want to achieve in my life? Do I look older? Should I do something drastic like cut my hair short or change my glasses?
Lately life seems to be going so fast and I am relieved that it is school holidays. Time to slow down, sit in pajamas, enjoy my children, potter with them in the garden, bake a cake or muffins and eat it in the park while the dogs play.
I don't have many plans for these holidays. Maybe we can do some painting outside on a warm day. Get the paddling pool out. Watch the builders at work finishing the deck. Maybe we can do some craft, clean out winter clothes and pack them away. Pull weeds from the driveway. Make cards to post to friends to invite them for tea. We can pick them up on the ferry not bothering to wear shoes and look at the ocean while we're there. Maybe we'll find a cicada or look at fish in the pet shop. Go out and collect rocks. Compare leaves in the park. Spend an hour at a playground and come home and have a bath together.
Buy a big bone for the dogs. Visit the toy library. Eat french toast and spaghetti with broad beans from the garden.
We'll clean out under the couch and find some lost toys. Throw out old magazines gathering dust. Frame some new photos. Make something. Get broken things fixed. Think about presents for Christmas. Play some board games. Make face masks. Have a tea party. Play music instruments to the ipod or dance to the soundtrack from Grease.
Stop running around like headless chickens.
I don't really want to drive anywhere but maybe we can go to Balmoral one morning. We'll meet our friends at the Doggie Beach at Sirius Cove or maybe go to the Powerhouse Museum, visit my parents in their lonely apartment. Take naps in the daytime. Get out my old walkman and record silly messages. Play the recorder and make up songs with Japanese words. Go out for sushi and miso soup. Redecorate the dolls house. Or maybe nothing at all.

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