Wednesday, May 11, 2016

1 Surprisingly Good Thing About Alzheimer's

You never know how old you are.

Today is Mum's birthday, if she didn't have Alzheimers I know she would scream "Oooah! I'm so OLD Dahling!!"

Someone at the nursing home yesterday asked me how old she's turning and the truth is I don't know, because Mum used to lie about her age all the time, on medicare forms, passport applications, electoral roles, her drivers license, and all sorts of important documents.

The funny bit was when a doctor or police man or customs officer asked her for her date of birth she'd have to guess it in front of them. If anyone else had done something like this they'd probably have been sent to jail or strip searched - but everyone knew it was my Mum so they just laughed and found it hilarious.

Now that Mum's got Alzheimer's she doesn't know how old she's turning and neither does anyone else. Today is just another day like any other. Finally Mum you can take that secret with you to the grave.

PS. I don't care if you find this blog post offensive, I've always had a black sense of humour which Mum found funny so she would laugh at it anyway, even if you don't. But she might have found it a bit offensive, but that would only have been if it was about someone else, and it's not, it's about her, so she wouldn't have got offended. And she would have found it funny.

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