Sunday, July 12, 2015

Poem: Democracy is Dead

I'm sorry, for all the things my race has done.
Taking every resource,
Leaving none.


As the mess hits critical, apocalyptical conclusions,
I'm forced to listen to hypocritical political delusions,
who smile, or nod in earnestness.
I don't believe you.

Politicians > magicians! 

Is that what you think you are?
Can't you see, (blind fools!) that death 
is never very far away?
When you take your last breath, 
who will listen to what you have to say?

The grief, I have to live with the grief, 

of your decisions.
The rampage of economies untamed, 

while you stock-pile provisions, 
For what?
What future do you foresee,
beyond your short political shelf-life?
Democracy is dead, the genie 
from the bottle holds the knife.

Philosophers, they tell me -
'The kingdom of heaven lies within',
If I can just quiet my mind, 
shut off my ego and shut out the din.

The key to salvation of all, is in the heart of one.
Please, tell me the time has come.

Thank you to Andrea (@singersullivan) for use of her photograph.

• Russell Brand's book 'Revolution' - Read an excerpt here.
• NSW Trustee & Guardian (explain to me again why a person 
who cannot feed herself or even walk has to submit a tax return...)
WIRED magazine reporting on the global trade of sand mining.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Marina Abracadabra - The Time is Now. Part 1.

What is the function of art?

Art could be thought of as frivolous, non-essential, whimsical froth - what practical purpose does it serve? In a society that values productivity, profitability and ambition why haven't we just scrapped it, relinquished it to a bygone era like those big powdered wigs Mozart wore?

Could it be because it is in our very nature to seek art out... Just as when we travel to another country it is the music, food and architecture that excites us and rekindles our passion for life, reminding us of a joy deep within ourselves.

Visiting a gallery is a lot like travelling, taking us on an excursion to portals of time and space. Great artworks always say something about the culture they were birthed in, and unravelling the riddle of an artwork's expression often gives as much enjoyment as the pure aesthetic appeal a work provides.

Brilliant artwork goes one step further, incorporating us into the riddle... Probing us to question the fundamental beliefs that make up our perception of who we think we are, drawing back the curtain on structures of our society we take for granted - are they really so concrete as we have been led to believe?

'Marina Abramović: In Residence' does all these things and more...

Get down to Pier 2/3 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay to experience her 'timeless space' before it's too late. The time is now.

Kaldor Public Art Projects

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