Friday, January 8, 2010

Diary: Summer Holidays

Summer holidays - you look forward to them, nearly collapse by the time you get them, then right as you start to get the hang of it - they're over!

Holidays are important for so many reasons, and its only nearing the end of them that I start to remember why I love them. No frantic schedule to keep. No deadlines to make. No important things to think about or work commitments to meet. When the holidays start it is an effort to even remember what I enjoy doing when time is unrestrained. I feel lost and unmotivated without emails and phone calls to return and find it hard to relax. I loose track of the days and worry about inconsequential things like the upcoming three hour drive to our holiday destination and the Christmas cards I didn't get around to sending, again.

The luxury of spending minutes and hours so frivolously is confusing at first and seems unnaturally indulgent... Sleeping. Reading. Making long phone calls. Catching up with old friends. A spur of the minute Thai massage. Going to the movies. Doing a jigsaw puzzle. And by far the highlight of the holiday - a swim in the surf that is so much fun it has me laughing out loud and makes my scalp tingle because the water is so fresh and delightful when I finally dive under a wave.

Getting out of the city is worth the effort I've decided. Its nice to live out of a small suitcase in an apartment devoid of too many toys and clutter and have nothing to hang out but wet swimsuits. Finally, surrounded by adult conversation and interests I feel normal again - my day is not dictated by the whims of a tired toddler, headstrong four year old or capricious husband! There's always someone up for the beach or yoga in the morning, another coffee, a cheesy video, a beer. Babysitters abound. Tim and I go out together, here and there, incredibly alone without even a watch. The daily grind of grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning is lightened to insignificance and my kids are noticeably happier too with playmates twenty-four seven.

And now, just when I've got the swing of it, the party's almost over. The house guests have all driven and flown away, the blow up mattresses are deflated and my linen closet is full again. Tim's back at work on Monday and before I know it Tom will be starting his first year of full days at preschool. The alarm clock will once again be set and the diary is quickly filling with engagements. Happy twenty-ten everyone - here we go again!

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