Sunday, May 15, 2016

Social Media Sex Worker

Sarah Jessica Parker - Not
Yup. That’s me. Until I get a publishing deal I’m going to have to bombard you all with blatant self promotion.

I might stop blowing my own trumpet after I get a publishing deal, but then I might not... I might enjoy inflating my own ego so much that I start putting my name on the side of blimps that float over the city, or it might be summer and you might be on the beach and your kid will look up and say “Look Mummy! That plane is writing something in the sky!” and you think the trail is going to spell out JESUS SAVES or whatever, but instead it will say Katie M Little is 'Going To Seed'.

I’m going to have to start wearing tutus when I go out so I can be caught in a panning slow-mo shot with gutter water splashing over me as the bus goes past with my blog advertisement on it. Forget SJP, think KML.

Or maybe I can start advertising a 12 Week Body Transformation thing like Michelle Bridges, except I don’t know what you’d turn into if you followed my regimen… a sarcastic, sleep-deprived, caffeine-addicted woman who cuts her own hair and talks to strangers in supermarket check-out lines, throws organic apples at the windscreen of drivers who cut her off* and swears a lot… anyway, it’s food for thought.

Paleo pilates lifestyles are for wimps.

So here’s the deal - short blogs that are so funny you snort - about imperfect parenting, about behaving like a child when you’re supposed to be the adult, about dealing with situations that suck - the kind of conversation you have with your girlfriends when you think no one can hear. This blog is for women and men (If you think you can handle it) of any age, although people who have to wipe another person's bum on a regular basis will probably laugh louder.

And don’t forget - I need to look popular!!! - so if you leave a comment on my blog page I’ll buy you a coffee. A cheap one from a petrol station probably, but if it’s a really good comment and you SHARE a post I might even fork out for a Grinders or Toby’s Estate or something, but don’t ask for soy milk, that would be going too far.

Much Love,Katie M Little
@ Going To Seed

PS. *Can’t wait to share THAT story with you! I’m going to call it 'Crazy Apple Lady’! So look out!#parenting #sexinthecity #michellebridges #12WBT #JesusSaves #CoffeeAddict

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