Monday, January 26, 2009

Diary: Summer Holidays

The break is nearly finished and just like our visit to Luna Park the holiday has been quite a rollercoaster ride. 

The build up to Christmas is always so busy and exciting. 'Santa' brought many presents this year and then Tim's family came to stay which was action packed - six adults, five children (and two dogs!) in the one house. We visited Luna Park, the Powerhouse and Maritime Museums, went ice skating, and watched the New Year's fireworks from Clarke's Point Reserve. The kids got along so well and there was always someone up for cracking a beer or bottle of champagne. Peter and Tim went out walking each day and comparing photos online. Boopy swept, Susan washed and folded, I unpacked the dishwasher. Tom and Tommy raced trikes and ended up with matching elbow scabs. Charlotte discovered coco bombs. Ella danced like Upsy Daisy and clapped Miss Mary Mac with me. Holly listened to her iPod and wore her Miss Chatterbox Tshirt. Greg loved my homemade dips and practiced reading with Ella. And we all discussed many ways to put in a swimming pool.

But alas, the party had to end - the guests flew home and our responsibilities returned, as did access to our bathroom. 

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