Sunday, April 5, 2015

After the Storm Has Passed

The thing I love about poetry is that it forces you to slow down...

This poem was inspired by three Tarot readings I did recently, for friends all going through similar, yet very different situations. Readings usually play on my mind for a while, connections between cards and their positions in the spread sometimes need time to filter through my consciousness, like poetry.

When you've been with someone for so long, when you've built a life together, have children who are dependent on you, friends and finances entwined over many years... do you stay together and weather the storm, or do you make the decision, conscious or not, to uncouple. 

After the storm has passed,
   when the shutters are lifted,
The damage surveyed,
   our fortunes re-sifted...
When the clouds move away,
   and the ocean stops churning,
When the fires are put out,
   but our hearts are still burning...
Will I still love you,
   will I know who you are?
Will you still be there waiting,
   when I've run so far?

After the storm has passed,

   and the flood gates lie open,
An echo remains,
   of things better unspoken.
When the sun returns,
   to brighten the day,
Will it sting my eyes,
   will I turn away?
Am I still the same person
   you loved long ago,
Should we fight for each other,
   is it time to let go?

After the storm has passed,

   and our belongings lie scattered,
Will I still be so sure,
   of the things I thought mattered?
All the things that I loved in you,
   amongst many things I have lost.
I guard my heart from you,
   but at what cost?
I wanted to hurt you,
   to make you care.
But now the storm has passed,
   and you're not there.

Thank you to photographer Lalirra Doube for allowing me to use her beautiful image. #amwriting #poetry

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