Friday, July 25, 2014

The Empress Part 1

The Empress is the mother, the creator, the nurturer. At face value this card can represent the occupation of motherhood, but on a deeper level the card represents much more. The Empress is the vessel through which we bring into being our creations - the artist, writer, composer will be familiar with her. She is the doorway from which our dreams and imaginings become reality, breathing life into our art form. How do we create? Does our Empress nurture our dreams, coaxing them gently from us? or is she at times a 'Tiger Mother', twisting and wringing our creative outlet from us, at times painfully, whilst like a child we resist, sighing and stomping our feet as we wrestle with the muse.

The Empress card in a reading can be a reminder to take a look at how we nurture ourselves, to remind us that we are all a part of the great mother Gaia herself, ever growing and changing, ever evolving. Surrounded by positive cards she fills the reading with a luxurious abundance of resources, time, acceptance, joy and universal love.

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