Saturday, July 12, 2008

Diary: Kambala Girls

Who would've guessed I'd still be in touch with these lovely girls? It doesn't seem that long ago that we were dressed in checked grey uniforms and yet here we are, with dogs and children in tow, nearly 20 years later (!) sharing stories of our lives and loved ones.  
I made cake, Zoe brought fruit for Millie and Tom, Rachel brought toilet paper (I was out!), Yasmin brought Sicilian olives, Cybele brought orange cake, Sal brought champagne and Bec brought her new boobs. We're renovating, we're traveling, we're working, we're raising kids - or hoping to, we're catching boyfriends - or dumping them, we're laughing about our husbands or partners or parents or kids or flatmates or siblings. We're comparing our bodies and our finances. We're drinking but not smoking, finally. We're cursing, talking, laughing and loving - loudly! We are beautiful. 

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