Sunday, July 6, 2008

Diary: Grandparents today

This photo of Tom with Ninny was taken last Tuesday morning. After I was woken up at 5:30am by Charlotte in a wet nappy. After I'd showered and dressed and put on make up and jewellery and done my hair nicely. After I'd eaten breakfast with the family. After I'd taken the wet sheets off the bed, put on washing and folded yesterday's clothing off the line. After I'd stacked all the dining chairs, picked up all the debris and vacuumed downstairs. After I'd gotten Tom dressed and his teeth brushed. After I'd made tea and toast and watched 'In The Night Garden'. After I'd changed Charlotte's nappy again and put on going out clothes. After I'd made a packed lunch for Tim. After I'd locked the dogs out and put everyone in their seat belts and driven half an hour to the office to pick up photocopied bills with my current address, and dropped off Tim's lunch. After I'd parked and bought a parking ticket and taken all children out and down the windy stairs near Central Station to the RTA. After Tom had taken a ticket to wait for our number to be called by a nice man who renewed my license. After I'd taken everyone back up the windy stairs and packed us all back in the car. After I'd driven to Paddington to visit my parents. After Ninny ran off up the street to buy packet pancake mix...
This photo of Tom and Ninny enjoying their pancake was taken before Mum had offered Tom a second helping and before Bar Bar had offered yellow jelly and ice cream. Before Ninny had cooked more pancakes and Bar Bar had put more ice cream on them. Before Ninny pretended to eat hers but really fed it to Tom. This photo was taken before I decided it was time we'd better leave for preschool and before I remembered Tuesdays are cooking day at preschool. It was taken before I suggested Tom do a wee wee before we leave and before we said goodbye. Before I'd buckled everyone in the car again and driven through the cross city tunnel. Before Charlotte had fallen asleep in the car and before I parked in the teacher's carpark. Before I helped Tom on with his school bag and signed him in. Before I'd gone home and taken the rugs out to beat. Before I'd mopped downstairs while listening out for Charlotte in the car and before I'd cleaned the upstairs bathroom. Before I'd heard Charlotte screaming and retrieved her from the car. Before I'd given her some food and made myself something and unpacked the dishwasher. Before I'd put clean sheets on the bed. Before I'd put Charlotte in the car and gone to pick up Tom. Before we'd gone to the park with the dogs. Before I'd driven home and got the kid's dinner and poured myself a small wine. Before Tom had tomato pasta and strawberries and custard for dessert. Before I bathed the kids and then the dogs. Before Tim came home just in time to put the kids in their pajamas. Before I read Tom and story and put Charlotte to bed. Before I turned off Tom's light and kissed him goodnight. Before I went downstairs and made pesto spaghetti with mushrooms for Tim and I. Before we put on Hot Fuzz by the makers of Shaun of the Dead. Before I fell asleep in the movie and Tim woke me up to go to bed. Before Tom woke up screaming and before I told him to pipe down and go back to sleep. Before he started vomiting jelly and pancakes and strawberries and custard in bed. Before I took him to the bathroom to wash his face and get him fresh pajamas. Before Tim cleaned up the mess and changed the sheets. Before I put the sheets in the washing machine. Before Tom went back to sleep and before I finally got back to sleep at 1:30am. Before Charlotte woke about 2. etc.
No wonder I feel like I've lost my mind sometimes.

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