Tuesday, June 24, 2008

School Holiday plans

School holidays are around the corner and I'm making plans to survive them. I must say it will be great to have full days to go out and not have to be restricted to be back at preschool by 12:30. Things I have on my fun list include...

Go see the Kung Fu Panda movie - Tom's never been to the movies!
Go for yum cha in China Town
Hop around the city on the monorail
Go to Zoe's House at the Powerhouse (again)
Visit the convict exhibit at the museum near Hyde Park
Catch the ferry to Darling Harbour to visit the aquarium
Take the dogs to Centennial Park
Visit the Lane Cove toy library and visit the dog park in Riverview
Go to the doggie beach at Mosman
Take Tom to the dentist - he has a black spot on a molar... not good
Visit Taronga Zoo and see the new Southern Oceans exhibit

I bought a new magazine for Tom today too - 'Beginning Consonant Sounds' as he is obsessed with asking what letters words start with.

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