Saturday, June 14, 2008

I have been looking for a light for our stairwell ever since we moved here and today I found it and bought it on the spot! Bargain too I might add. 
I've had so much difficulty finding the right light because it needed to be quite big and interesting to fill the space, but not take over from the beautiful Cherry Hood watercolour - my pride and joy. I made a trip to my old neighborhood Surry Hills and visited three light showrooms there. Saw a divine chandelier in smokey grey and saw the beautiful 'Lotus' light that I looked at two years ago - but as sculptural and beautiful as it is three thousand dollars is utter madness.
So for two years I have been looking at a bare bulb hanging in this prestigious place - until tonight! Hurray! 
On Friday I visited my favourite antique shop too - 'Doug Up On Bourke'. I thoroughly recommend a visit to anyone who loves interesting stuff. I came away with a tidy little wooden filing cabinet. I am attempting to declutter our dining table which is always buried under an avalanche of mail and invitations and magazines, etc I've got hooks on the wall now for coats but I still don't know where to hide the bags... I'm working on it though! 

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